Basics characteristics of a computer networks

These are the basic characteristics of a Computer Network.

  • Fault tolerance
  • scalability
  • quality of services(QoS)
  • security

Fault tolerance

  • the ability to continue working desire failures
  • ensure no loss of services


  • the ability to grow based on the need i.e if we need to add more computers in the network according to our requirement then we can add easily regardless of performance decrement.
  • have good performances after growth.
  • scalable networks, ex: the internet
  • scalability handles the loss as well as the priority of data.

Quality of services

  • Good performance even though there are many nodes.
  • set priorities to nodes i.e devices
  • manage data traffic to reduce data loss, delay, etc.


Ability to prevent

  • miss-use of data
  • forgery of data
  • unauthorized data

Ability to provide

  • confidentiality
  • integrity
  • availability

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