Akshay Saini Biography: Net Worth, Wife and Courses

Akshay Saini is an Indian YouTuber and educator who has previously worked as a front-end engineer at Uber, Paytm, and Lendingkart. He is famous for his course named Namaste Javascript on Youtube and for writing engaging posts on javascript with the Simran story. Every javascript lover loves him so much in the javascript community. currently, his Youtube channel has around 271k subscribers.

Recently he resigned from Uber in May 2022. He has founded a javascript community to help and mentor students learning Javascript and the javascript frameworks the best way. apart from this, he has also launched the Namaste React paid course which costs around 5000/- INR on his platform namastedev.com/namaste-react. In his previous batch, more than 5000 students joined the Namaste React course and they have given good feedback.

Early Life of Akshay Saini

Akshay Saini belongs to Dehradun(Uttrakhand). He was a student of St. Jude’s School, Dehradun and graduated from Manipal University Jaipur. He was a very good student early in his school day and their college too. in his college life has also performed very well. it is noted that Akshay created a project Animation Walk for Skill India Portal which was back then featured in local newspapers. In his early college days, he started a blog named Boiling News where he learnt about Serch engine optimisation and web development. After that, he started to love learning Javascript.

Namaste Javascript Course

Namaste Javascript course is a Youtube video playlist which is famous between students and working professionals looking to ace the javascript and front-end engineering roles. in his youtube videos, you can clearly see his passion for teaching Javascript. he has almost covered almost every topic in his Namaste JavaScript playlist like hoisting, let const var, bouncing debouncing, polyfill, callback, promises etc. this playlist is enough for acing the javascript interviews.


He also used to take part in various conferences related to Javascript, software engineering. Also, he has been part of other creators’ podcasts.

You can download or view his namaste Javascript notes here: Link

Akshay Saini’s Social Media

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Akshay Saini is 28 years old and is currently earning 2-3 crores per month from his courses. He is unmarried to the date because Simran will be waiting somewhere.

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